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The onset of COVIT-19 pandemic gave me the opportunity to read about microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, viruses, or germs). In the past, I wondered what they really are. Now, I know. These microbes live everywhere, even in plants, humans and animals.

The virus is not perceivable by our naked eyes. Our mothers used to tell us not to touch something obvious, not to touch something dirty, or to wash hands thoroughly. It’s the right thing to do to get rid of germs.

Virus is a submicroscopic substance that has characteristics both organic and organic, causative agent of some diseases. It is considered the smallest of the small and it can only be seen through a fully advanced microscope. Viruses are like “ghosts” of the world of microscopics, unlike any other microbes that act like non-living things until they enter the body or cells of a living thing and start reacting to their environment.

Viruses are alterable. The can infect every form of life including other microbes like fungi and bacteria, as well as plants, animals and human. They are unequal in the way they reproduce by using the materials of the cells they infect to create more of their kind until the cells burst and die.

Viruses can spread in many different ways. Plant viruses are spread from plant to plant by insects and other organisms. Some animal viruses are spread by blood-sucking insects. Humans can have viral infections like cold or flu, often spread through the air by people when they cough or sneeze. Other viruses can also be transmitted by contaminated hands, food, water, and direct contact with infected children and adults.

Oftentimes, TV and radio remind us: “Take your vitamins regularly”, “stop eating junk food”. “Sleep early.” “Keep your body clean.” These reminders are to be taken seriously because they are important. Likewise, we are aware that eating healthy food, getting enough sunlight, exercise and staying away from sick people, will keep us healthy.

Antiviral drugs and vaccinations were used to treat and prevent outbreak of viral diseases. But it’s needless to worry. Our body has a defense mechanism called immune system. We build up or keep our immune system stronger when we take care of our health: Through the immune system, viral infections are usually eliminated.

In the technological world, virus is a kind of program designed to destroy computers. Some viruses can delete documents or files. Sometimes, opening a letter sent by somebody allows a virus to enter a computer. When it happens, the letter sender can read files and also look into bank accounts. Computer viruses can also reproduce and send random documents to email contacts.

The meaningless three-letters word S-I-N, like the virus when allowed to enter into our system will eventually get us into great trouble. Sin can destroy our physical, mental, moral, and spiritual self when we let it enter and invade us. How many have allowed sin to get them into big trouble during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We can stop SIN from getting hold of us when we allowed Jesus to take control of our lives.

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